Gratuitous update

I figured that I owe an update, whether necessary or not. It’s been a rough weekend. I made it back to work for my last full week, survived a day without incident, and left early yesterday because my boss was being an ass and fuck it. Minus money in the bank. Plus self confidence and sense of vindication. I’m paid to tolerate customers, not hostility from within my own company.

Related to said “fuck it” attitude: my Bengal is in the hospital. He got very sick on Friday, had a vet visit, and had to go back immediately Saturday morning. I won’t see him again until tomorrow (fortune willing that he’s fine until tomorrow). I hate the idea of him sitting in the vet’s office in a cage alone and sick, even though I trust my vet implicitly and know that they check in as often as necessary, even on their day off. Even though he’s a pain in our ass, my mom and I keep looking up at each other and saying, “I miss Buzzy.” Hopefully, his test results on Tuesday will offer a solution that we can afford, no matter how financially painful it might be.

My coping with drama from yesterday by crocheting furiously on my Mood Afghan (see future post, coming soon to a salty blog near you) caused my neck problem to act up, and created a migraine. Rather than face the asshole boss from yesterday again, only this time with a migraine (and at risk of his turning the store’s stereo system over halfway to max because he’s a child), I decided to call out. So, here I am, still hanging on for dear life to the specter of employment, resenting every second of it, and at least capable of sticking it to them a little. Again, minus money, plus mental health. I’ll call it a win.

Also, I’m PMSing. Add +5 emotion to everything. Wish me luck tomorrow as I gird my loins for the hour and a half long ass early trek down to my college to pick up a loan packet and bully Admissions into letting me sign up for a class I need sans prerequisite.


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