Your typical self-doubt

In stenography lessons, as you learn new words or word endings, you get kind of weird combinations of things to type that make more or less sense. As I’m more than halfway through theory lessons, we’ve moved on to word endings, such as “shun” and “kshun” sounds (contradiction, action — remember, it’s all phonetic!), and abbreviating words (such as dropping non emphasized syllables). With a broader range of words, we get more interesting and relevant things to practice. For example, I noticed my tires were low after practicing my “shun” and “kshun” endings during an exercise about tire quality today.

Problem is, as interesting as some of these little excerpts are, you have to be careful about how you absorb them. A lot of the examples are openly sexist or microaggressive. Some are plain weird (we practiced a lot of “soft skull, hard skull” at one point). And some really make you doubt your life choices.

This most recent one was basically about being lazy and complaining at work. It implied heavily that hard workers are always happy and have nothing to complain about, and being in any way otherwise is just laziness, ingratitude, and making things hard for those around you.

What kind of dated bullshit is this? I know that most stenography stuff is pretty dated. This is not a very updated field. There’s like, two main software setups you can use. All the textbooks are bound in that shitty wide-ring plastic binding that doesn’t let you flip the book all the way back, and eventually breaks. Some of the websites to order supplies require you to call to make your order. Nothing about this field is modern except the AI in some of the software that learns to identify your fuckups and fix them for you as you go (and that’s a miracle, istg). There’s all those vaguely upsetting practice sentences. I know this stuff and all its attitudes are old. I just.

This one really got to me. I left my job because it was the most toxic environment I’ve ever worked in. The people who worked hard are the people who suffered, because management wouldn’t develop anyone who really was being lazy and making more work for others. Those who continued to bust ass got more and more burdens placed on them, and more and more nitpicky criticism because they wouldn’t make a fuss about it. As I keep in touch with my former co-workers, even the rocks of the store who had been there for longer than my three years are forming their exit strategies, while the lazy ones keep cruising in and doing the bare minimum and absorbing their pay. I doubt my choice all the time. I ask myself constantly if it was my fault, especially when my plans to QWERTY transcribe have fallen through (based on my body’s shitty limitations, not the site I settled on using).

People should not have to work in this kind of environment. I know there are those out there who will try to redirect that, to say, “you should just be grateful you got a job,” and so on. That’s not the point. Don’t try to take away from this. Management should be held accountable. When management is the problem, corporate needs to listen. It is not the worker’s fault for not being happy about being abused.

I hate that in vocational training, this is the type of attitude being drilled into us.

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